Exif viewer chrome download

Exif viewer chrome

Quick access to EXIF data of any image you view in Google Chrome How to use it? - Right click on any images/pictures - Select “Show Exif. A nifty tool to read the Exif data from your Jpeg images!. This extension adds an element to the contextual menu to open images in a metadata (EXIF) viewer.

Shows EXIF information on your image when mouse is over. Available on Chrome. Overview . Imageinfo EXIF Viewer | Image Infomation. 8. 12 Mar - 3 min - Uploaded by Andrey Vyrvich livetransferworld.com mmbhfeiddhndihdjeganjggkmjapkffm. For the on-the-go photographer this Exif Viewer Chrome app is well worth adding to the digital toolbox thanks to a clean interface and data.

Exif Viewer is a tool that shows the Exif, Meta info of your pictures, docs. Extracts and displays the Exif, IPTC metadata. Looking for a EXIF viewer to study photo details like location & type of its Firefox counterpart but with much more information, Exif Viewer for Chrome works on. How can I get any Exif Viewer working with Chrome? Its very important When will Chrome have an EXIF viewer for photo info? Or shall I swap.