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Isys desktop search

ISYS:desktop is an enterprise-class desktop search tool designed to find information on individual PCs as well as across corporate networks, databases and. Last year, Lexmark completed the acquisition of ISYS Search software. It is now and they have decided to stop distributing their desktop search. ISYS search engine and knowledge management software provides fast and accurate Available as desktop application, web server, or as developer tool SDK.

Download a day, standalone version of ISYS:desktop 6. The file is 12MB in size, and will run under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT//XP. There are . ISYS:desktop is a search engine for your data, designed for your individual ISYS:desktop is used to find and display information fast from a wide range of data. ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise search software for business and government. ISYS can be deployed to enable desktop search, network.

Designed for individual power users, ISYS Personal Edition lives up to its name. The $99 application Best desktop search tools. For the price. This tool was originally created by ISYS Search Software. ISYS:desktop is designed to quickly and easily connect employees with information. ISYS:Desktop is a comprehensive enterprise-ready desktop search application to search the contents of individual PCs, LANs and WANs. ISYS. An Evaluation of 12 Leading Desktop Search Tools . Google. 6. Enterprise Readiness. Copernic. ISYS. Yahoo!