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Aṭṭhakathā (Pali for explanation, commentary) refers to Pali-language Theravadin Buddhist commentaries to the canonical Theravadin Tipitaka. Buddhaghosa - Dhammapala - Translations. Dhammapada Atthakatha — Commentary to the Dhammapada: See Buddhist Stories from the Dhammapada Dommentary (Part II), by Burlingame (trans.). Atthakatha, (Pali: “explanation”) commentaries on the Pali Buddhist canon that provide much information on the society, culture, and religious history of ancient.

Atthakatha (commentaries) refers to a category of Buddhist literature approved by the sixth Buddhist council.—Atthakatha comprises the. Sinhala Atuwa, Sinhalese Atthakatha published by Bauddha Sanskrutika Maddhyasthanaya:Pali Commentaries translated in Sinhalese. I am bhikkhusirin form Myanmar. I have to write M.A thesis for my M.A Buddhism. My friends and I decided to translate Atthakatha into English.

1. Digha Nikaya (Silakkhandha vagga) Atthakatha. (pp. ). 2. Digha Nikaya Mahavagga Atthakatha (pp. ). 3. Digha Nikaya Pathikavagga Atthakatha (pp. An Analytical Study of Dhammasanghani “Atthakatha” Commentary in Pali Tipitaka Ven. Swe Sing Mong Marma, University of Kelaniya. 5 Baskets of Discipline. TẠNG LUẬT. 2. Pācittiya-atthakathā. (Samantapāsādikā Pācittiya, mahāvagga)(2nd). 3. Mahāvagga-atthakathā. (Samantapāsādikā)(2"). Atthakatha From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Atthakatha (Pali for explanation, commentary)[1] refers to Pali-language Theravadin Buddhist commentaries.