Afnetworking 3.0 image download

Afnetworking 3.0 image

I am trying to download an image using AFNetworking doing this way: ( UIImage *) loadImage:(NSString *) link { __block UIImage *image = [UIImage. If you use AFNetworking you need add the header file downloud image"); } failure:^(NSURLRequest * _Nonnull request. code like this, but the parameters is likey nil, I don't know why AFHTTPRequestSerializer *serializer = [AFHTTPRequestSerializer serializer];.

AFNetworking is the latest major release of AFNetworking, . Image downloading has been refactored to follow the architecture from. I use afnetworking http put method to upload image with image base64 code as parameter put in paramDic but when i upload some image. CocoaPods + is required to build AFNetworking +. [NSURL fileURLWithPath:@"file://path/to/"]; NSURLSessionUploadTask * uploadTask.

Downloading an image asynchronous is not a hard task in iOS, but it become harder if you want to load that image inside a UITableView or. //Post Request with dictionary and Image. -(void)postImageWithURl:(NSString *) urlString parameters:(id)parameters andImageData: (NSData. Documentation for AFNetworking Reference. A subclass of AFHTTPRequestOperation for downloading and processing images. Documentation for UIImageView(AFNetworking) Category Reference. Set the shared image downloader used to download images.